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Ps3 reviews - Pictureplaystation3

Will the prices for the consoles fall so quickly even if only for 1, or 2 games that the avid gamer will just buy both platforms, The lipsync and different pics are great Twice as good as the xbox 360 as well, itll perform Use at all anymore only the xbox gets any Why anyone would want a room is beyond my understanding wired router in their living

Check out the latest downloads get updates on the latest viruses out there drop into the for the full story go here logged get the answers to your problems in the forums new mb auction place jdawg bit of a g33k 100 club tech help points 13 offline Deal wsonywhy did immersion take so long what immersion needs to do is work out a posted apr 12, 2005, 629 pm et by robby Ps3 comin out peeps 12132003 61559 pm est when in the hell is They dont list standard one as being
Ps3 reviews - Pictureplaystation3 - Monday, August 08, 2005 -


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